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Madre Tierra

Arhuacos aid project

With the purchase of the Arhuacos coffee you support the indigenous people with an additional 2 euros per kilo.

The Arhuacos live in the Sierra Nevada and grow their coffee here according to old tradition.

Video - Arhuacos

Rarities from Madre Tierra

A highlight for all areas

Whether company, office community, coffee house or private: with an exclusive, single-origin coffee from Madre Tierra you will inspire employees, customers and friends.

Also highlight the sustainability of your company. With Madre Tierra private coffee you support every single family in Colombia who lovingly produce the coffee for you by hand.

Madre Tierra transparently presents working conditions and payments to families.

A very personal experience that you can share alone or together with gourmets all over the world. This thanks to our exclusive processing from nano and microlots. The annual harvests of the individual fincas amount to max. 210 kilos and with microlots max. 2100 kilos.

Projekt Arhuacos

Cultivation | Travel | Greetings

Coffee growing in Colombia

In this video we show you the way coffee takes from sowing to the processed green coffee. You will experience the families who love to prepare their coffee plantations here.

Video link cultivation

Finca trips to Colombia

Visit Colombia and the coffee plantations. Experience unforgettable impressions of nature on your journey through our coffee worlds. Colombia, its incomparable nature and mysterious indigenous peoples await you.

Video link Finca Reisen

Greetings from the coffee farmers

The videos show you the fincas of some families and a greeting.

For more videos, click the YouTube arrow at the bottom of the page.

Video link greetings


The coffee tastes wonderful. The difference to my old discounter coffee brand is enormous.

R. Busse - Berlin

Flavors that we did not know before from our coffee beans. A real added value in the office for our crew.

H. Weissner - Mühlheim/Ruhr

Ich habe diesen Kaffee erst Mal als kleines 250g-Paket bestellt und bin total von dem tollen Geschmack begeistert. Auch der niedrige Säuregehalt kommt mir sehr entgegen, bei meinem empfindlichen Magen.
Ich kann diesen Kaffee also uneingeschränkt empfehlen.


100% FAIR and transparent

Coffee specialties

With our direct import from Colombia and other countries, we offer you real rarities and specialties

Transparent and fair

By buying directly from the plantation owners, the families receive a much better price than is usual in the coffee trade.


Our travel case packaging consists of over 90% recycled material.

Der Grüne Punkt